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Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown began formal percussion study in 1963. His initial focus was orchestra and band percussion. In 1965 he began drum-set study with jazz drummer and early drum-set pioneer Dick Dickson. By 1967, contemporaneous with his jazz studies, Brown began playing with a series of rock bands. Influences over the next seven years included rock artists such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience and King Crimson, 20th century composers such as Elliot Carter and Morton Subotnick, and jazz luminaries such as Miles Davis and Weather Report. A growing interest in multiple artistic mediums led to the creation in 1975 of the Trusty Wourins Performance Ensemble with a number of fellow musicians. This group utilized projected film and slides, actors, improvised and structured music, as well as traditional, invented and "ready¬made" instruments in performances reminiscent of the late 1960's happenings. Subsequent to Trusty Wourins Brown played with the rock band The Benders and the University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He completed a Bachelor's degree in Film at Columbia College in 1980.

Notes for Christopher Brown, drummer, selected tracks from Random Touch and Bosch

This selection is intended to give a breath of drumming examples, including front and center drum dominance and more laid back drumming support. Due to the nature of my serving as drummer and engineer, a track will sometimes begin with keyboards and guitar. My drums' entry may be much later, and may be preceded by my playing miscellaneous percussion, vocals and/or readymades. At least one Bosch track contains miscellaneous percussion by band mate Charles Greenleaf, and at times James Day's keyboard samples may sound like processed percussion by me. Although I have played with electronic drums integrated into my kit, I have not done so on any of these tracks.

No dubs or fancing mixing were utilized for these tracks. What you hear is an accurate depiction of the improvised music we made in the studio. Some compression, reverb and fade-outs were incorporated to smooth the listening experience.

01 In The Care of the Dancing Marion.mp3 3.59 Mb

02 Dreaming of Daybreak.mp3 6.79 Mb

03 Into the Crevice.mp3 5.10 Mb

04 untitled.mp3 5.97 Mb

05 Morphing Jupiter.mp3 2.53 Mb

06 The Giant Took a Liking to Jack.mp3 5.27 Mb

07 Unfolding.mp3 2.86 Mb

08 Engagement.mp3 3.36 Mb

09 Memory Safari.mp3 2.78 Mb

10 Urgent Desires.mp3 2.86 Mb

11 Home for Twilight.mp3 3.16 Mb


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