The Essential Guide To Playing Drumset

Drumscapes is a drum instructional book that is detail-driven and borders on a "how to" or "do it yourself" manual for playing drums, but works best as a method for drum students and their instructors or as a resource for music educators. The book comes with two CD's that provide listening examples. Drumscapes takes you through reading, writing and playing rhythm all the way to learning essential drumset skills for all levels. Written in a fun and non-intimidating manner, the book uses a multi-sensory and a mathematical approach. As a 2nd edition, Drumscapes now includes a section on drumset needs and maintenance, an extensive section on technique including photographs, and other expanded material.

  • Book / CD
  • Multi-sensory approach
  • Learn foundations in rhythm
  • Drumset needs and maintenance
  • Lessons in Rock and other genres
  • The mathematics of drumming
  • Read, write and play music

is the multimedia education method developed by author/educator Andy Ziker.


Andy Ziker has done a wonderful job of putting together not only a method book for beginning drumset students, but also a reference resource for music educators ... especially those who may not have a strong background in the art of drumming. Drum instructors and teachers will also find the step-by-step "multi-sensory" approach (i.e. reading, writing, counting, listening and playing) a valuable tool as well.

Drumscapes has all the drumset basics you would expect to find in an instructional book for beginners, but in my opinion, surpasses other books in that the information flows from section to section. The layout is logical and makes sense! Andy has taken the time to make the book fun ... like a workbook ... but without the intimidation. The music notation and line/staff print is large and easy to read; would work very well as a workbook in a classroom setting.

Content includes:

  • Note values and rhythmic notations: whole-notes to sixteenth-notes, triplets, sextuplets, syncopated and dotted rhythms.
  • Basic rudiments and stickings such as singles, doubles, displaced doubles, paradiddles, flams, buzz and triplet rolls, plus 5, 7 and 9 stroke rolls.
  • Brief explanation and notation of various styles; Bossa Nove, Samba, Songo, Jazz, Reggae.
  • More advanced concepts such as odd time signatures, linear drumming, ostinatos and accent patterns.

In conjunction with the two supplemental CDs, which provide aural demonstrations of the printed examples, Drumscapes is an excellent guide for beginner AND intermediate drum students, their teachers, plus drumset enthusiasts and music educators. Highly recommended and well worth the investment!