The Book of Percussion Audition Music for the 21st Century is designed for multiple purposes. The book is ideal for evaluating local, regional, and all-state percussion auditions. High-caliber musical examples also serve as material for tracking student progress. Use this book in tandem with recommended supplementary material to develop percussionists? skills for today?s challenging musical world. Since demonstrating above-average performance skills on all basic percussion instruments is important for young players, the authors developed an ideal audition scenario illustrated in the Evaluation Form. The audition scenario requires skills on basic percussion instruments while allowing for specialization. Use this unique book to enhance the type of musical intelligence expected from today?s percussionist.

The Accompaniment CD is intended as a musical aid for learning the solos. The accompaniments are designed to enhance players? musical development by placing the solos in a broader musical context.

Here are a couple of samples (Note: these samples include the solo part to demonstrate the interaction with the accompaniment):

Timpani Solo #4

Keyboard Percussion Solo #3


The Book of Percussion Audition Music for the 21st Century with accompaniment CD was designed to be used in a variety of ways including All-State audtions, Regional audtions, section placement, student recitals and even tracking a student's progress. The book includes a dozen solos for each of the main areas of percussion, that being Timpani, Mallet Keyboard Percussion and Snare Drum. There are also two solos for each accessory instrument including Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals and Tambourine. Each composition poses its own unique challenges for the soloist, addressing some of the inherent obstacles that each instrument holds for a young percussionist.

I think the solo compositions meet the needs they were intended for. The CD with optional accompaniment is nice although I think it would be wise to offer the sheet music for the accompaniment as well, giving the percussionist the option to perform with live accompaniment.