Chris Brady at AQUARIAN Drumheads was kind enough to send me a set of the Full Force Series(tm) drumheads recently ... to try out ... and I was totally thrilled and blown away with what I found. I've been in dire straits with finding a drumhead for my 1968 GRETSCH Progressive Jazz kit ... which has a 20 inch kick drum. I love the Super Kick Series(tm), but they just didn't give me that "Great Gretsch Sound". Well let me tell you I've finally found the holy grail.

The Aquarian Force Series Bass Drum Head features an acoustically "vented" muffling ring that is tucked into the hoop on the underneath side of the head. The muffling ring has special "tone holes" that allow the ring to move and resonate with the head. The batter heads come clear or coated; I'm testing the Force I(tm) Texture Coated which features the Satin Finish(tm) texture coating that Aquarian is so well known for. The sound is a warmer attack than a clear head, while maintaining superior projection and tone.

For the resonant side I'm using the Force II(tm) in Video Gloss White (also comes in Black). This resonant bass drumhead features the same "vented" muffling ring as the Force I(tm) drumheads. A free Port Hole(tm) is included, which gives the drummer the option of placing the hole where desired.

Let me tell you that this head has a powerful attack with outstanding projection. As of yet I have not installed the Port Hole(tm), or the Kick Pad(tm) which comes free with the batter head. I'm absolutly digging the sound I'm getting now ... and with NO PORT. I'm finally getting the sound out of my 20x14 inch kick that I always wanted; big, punchy and a full tone.

If you typically dig Remo Powerstrokes or Evans EQ heads on your kick drum ... but need the durability and quality that only Aquarian seems to offer these days ... you've GOT to check these heads out.

I can't wait to try them out on my YAMAHA Recording Custom 22 inch kick drum ... which typically has the Super-Kick I (tm) on the batter side, and one of the Regulator(tm) Series on the resonant side.