Aquarian Tru-Bounce Practice Pad

Aquarian Tru-Bounce Practice Pad features an active playing surface of specially selected neoprene for a true and accurate response.

This pad is comfortable to play on without the overly "springy" feel of traditional gum rubber pads. The result is a more accurate rebound stick response that helps to develop control, strength and speed. This pad makes you work a little harder....but the results are well worth it.

Enclosed with the Tru-Bounce pad is a FREE pair of Power-Sleeve 5A drumsticks. Also included is a teacher approved rudiment sheet and two "Fact Sheets" by Roy Burns which cover some warm-up excersizes and tuning tips.


My first impressions of the Aquarian Tru-Bounce Practice Pad where not that favorable since I was comparing it to all the other practice pads I own or have played over the years. After working with it for awhile, going back and forth between the pad and a Snare drum, I quickly realized I misjudged the Tru-Bounce by comparing it and expecting it to be like other pads. The truth be known, the Tru-Bounce feels more like a real Snare drum than all my other practice pads!

Keep in mind that every Snare drum is going to feel different depending on the tension of the batter head, depth of the drum, venting, and the tension relationship between the batter and snare drumhead. So when I say the Tru-Bounce feels more like a drum I'm referring to a Snare drum that has been tuned for optimal rebound of a drumstick.

With the Tru-Bounce was able to discern a difference in tone when playing from the edge to the center of the practice pad, just like I would on a real Snare drum. As I already mentioned, the rebound qualities of the Tru-Bounce are fantastic and the closest thing to a real Snare drum I've ever seen in a practice pad with a rubber surface.

I like the fact that the Tru-Bounce fits on top of any Snare drum, 12-inch diameter and larger, and doesn't slide or move from its position when on top of the drum. You can also place the pad on a flat surface or mount it with a Snare drum stand.

The Aquarian Tru-Bounce Practice Pad lives up to its name, giving the drummer/percussionist the real feel of a Snare drum with true bounce and rebound qualities. I highly recommend the Tru-Bounce to anyone looking for a practice pad that will allow them to work on rebound strokes, bounces and rolls; a must have for beginners and student drummers alike.