Legacy Percussion Gear - Remote Speedy Hat

The Remote Speedy Hat™ by Legacy Percussion Gear is set to revolutionize the drum kit as we know it. This new patent pending remote hi-hat invented by Bill Bachman is the first remote hi-hat to truly work without the lag and drag associated with remote hi-hats. The secret to the speedy action is the patent pending design which virtually eliminates friction and lets the hi-hat cymbals both react and recoil instantly, just like a hi-hat should.

The Remote Speedy Hat™ allows for the hi-hat cymbals to be moved toward the center of the kit, eliminating the need for the right hand to cross over and trap the left hand underneath when playing the hi-hats. It also opens up the left side of the kit for endless set-up options. With the Legacy Percussion Gear — Remote Speedy Hat™ the only limitation is the speed of your foot and your imagination!

Feedback from debut at PASIC Convention: "Everyone’s been trying to do this for years, but this one works." "The action is perfect." "There’s no latency, that’s for sure." "You’re limited here (air drums crossed over), and you never really realize it until you get to play uncrossed." "It doesn’t feel like a remote." "When the cymbal hit you can feel it in your bones, there’s no mush." "Oh yeah, this thing is definitely going viral."


In Part 1 of my video review (see below), I briefly discuss the concepts behind the HiHat positioned in front of the player and the pros/cons of the standard HiHat stand, X-Hat and remote cable HiHat systems. In Part 2, I go through the features of the Remote Speedy Hat and play a number of drum grooves that demonstrate the performance possibilities of the product.

I've personally been using a remote cable HiHat since the late-90's, and have been an advocate for placing the HiHats in the 11 to 12 o-clock position, within the drumkit set-up even longer (see my video lesson: Ergonomic HiHat Placement). After one and a half decades of waiting for a product that will not only allow me to position the HiHat exactly where I want it, without restricting or inhibiting the position and placement of the foot-pedal, the answer is finally here: the Remote Speedy Hat™.

This patent-pending remote cable HiHat by Legacy Percussion Gear isn't the first product I've seen to attempt the pulley system, but the Remote Speedy Hat definitely seems to be the first remote HiHat to get it all right.

The Remote Speedy Hat makes use of a stainless steel wire with over a 400 lb breaking strength, floating over two Delrin pulleys. The Pulley mounts and cable clamp are made from CNC aluminum and feature drum key set screws to lock all of the adjustable joints into place.

The Remote Speedy Hat comes with two different length aluminum braces, allowing you to choose anywhere from 8" to 21" distance between the fully adjustable pedal and the vertical top section, with its spring tension adjustment and memory lock.

I first saw the Remote Speedy Hat™ at the 2009 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in Indianapolis, IN. To be frank, while test-driving it at the Legacy Percussion Gear booth, I was blown away. The action felt so smooth and effortless; I felt no lag or drag ... a customary experience I typically had with other cable HiHats I've played (and own). I didn't have the opportunity to speak with the owner/inventor, Bill Bachman, at that time, but I gave him a call as soon as the convention was over. In speaking with Bill, I informed him how much I liked the Remote Speedy Hat, and that I wanted to take one home to try out and review here at the Drummer Cafe. After several weeks of testing and trying a wide variety of set-ups and configurations, here's what I've found: I LOVE THIS THING!

If you want to make a product that is going to thrill and impress me, bringing me to the point that I want to buy it, the product needs to be versatile and customizable while delivering all that you claim it will do. The Remote Speedy Hat™ (RSH) has done just that, although the jury is still out with respect to the RSH being faster than a standard HiHat stand, which it may very well be.

The Remote Speedy Hat is well built and has complete versatility when it comes to its placement and positioning. The action is fast, smooth and quite; everything that I expect from a HiHat stand, whether live or in the studio. The RSH responded to everything that my foot asked of it. I absolutely love the fact that every part of the stand is adjustable, and with the optional brace tilter, I can position the RSH low or high, tilting it at the correct angle for optimum performance. Versatile, versatile, versatile!

Do you play a reverse set-up with the HiHat being played by your right foot? No problem; the RSH is easily set-up for left or right foot positioning.

The only thing that I felt the Remote Speedy Hat had some limitations with was positioning it directly above the Kick drum. Due to the length of the top section of the RSH, I couldn't position the HiHats above my bass drum ... well, unless I was willing to play them really high. I mentioned this to Legacy Percussion Gear and was told that this is something that they will look into and possibly address in the near future. To be honest, the Remote Speedy Hat is only an inch or two longer than any of the other remote cable/wire HiHat systems I've seen. You can get the old school remote set-ups to work by bending the cable sheath at a hard angle, but you run the risk of rubbing (aka ruining) the finish on your drum(s), while creating even more friction and lag in the performance and response. For 99.99% of us, not placing the RSH directly above the Kick drum is a non-issue.

So I HIGHLY recommend the Remote Speedy Hat™! If you've always wanted to position your HiHats more forward or in front of you, but refused to take the plunge when all the other remote cable systems you've played just wouldn't respond according to your needs and standards, your wait is over! You now have the ability to position the HiHat right where you need it without sacrificing feel or speed. You don't have to worry about changing your left foot technique to accommodate the apparatus, and the RSH is going to work quite nicely next to your double pedal set-up. You no longer have to cross your hands/sticks to play, and with the exception of added coordination, you no longer need to mess with learning "open grip" just to keep your hands from crossing.

I'll be using the Legacy Percussion Gear - Remote Speedy Hat™ on a regular basis.