Need assistance tuning your drums? Frustrated in getting each drumhead in tune with itself? These devices can help you! Here are a few of my own personal suggestions.

Tama TW100 Tension Watch

The Tama TW100 Tension Watch measures actual head not tuning rod tension on an easy-to-read meter, so you can record the numbers and duplicate your best tuning time after time. Or you can use the sample tunings suggested in the directions. Either way, the Tama Tension Watch lets you spend more time playing and less time tuning your drums.

Drumdial Drum Tuner

With the Drumdial Drum Tuner, timpani, snare drums, rack toms, and bass drums are all easily tuned without even hitting the drumhead. DrumDial measures tympanic pressure, not tension-rod torque. As a drummer you'll appreciate how easily and accurately you can tune your drums with the Drumdial Drum Tuner.

I don't personally use a drum tuner, but I've used and tested them as well as assisted numerous students with learning how to operate them. For me, it's quicker to just tune my drums by ear ... keeping in mind that I've been playing professionally since 1979.

These devices can really help you get your drumhead in tune with itself. Not only does it give you a tension reading at each lug position, but it will allow you to go for the same tension every time ... making it a lot easier to change out drumheads. If you are struggling with tuning, I can highly recommend one of these tuners, however, you still need to be working on developing your ear!