The Drum Wallet


For well over fifty years, drummers in the know have been turning to their own back pockets to improve the sound of their drums, especially the snare tone.

Throughtout drumming history, the wallet has been utilized by drummers to improve sound and to control unwanted over-ring.

Using a wallet meant consistent sound, while maintaining convenience and flexibility.

Despite the risk involved, many professional drummers and sound engineers prefer the tone qualities and convenience of using a wallet. The wallet reigned superior.


For decades other products on the have done an adequate job, but are limited in their use. Most products are not designed to be removed and re-applied easily.

Many drummers have resorted to duct tape, paper towels, rags, rings, gel products, and adhesives to get the sound the want.


The "wallet" sound and snare drum tone flexibility you have been waiting for is now available in one easy to apply and use product... The Drum Wallet.


    • The Drum Wallet allows the user to double the sonic possibilities of a drum, increasing creativity and fun.

    • The Drum Wallet can be put in playing position and removed in less than one second.

    • The user can engage The Drum Wallet with their stick, so the stick never has to leave their hand.

    • No adhesives means true stick attack, controlled overtones, and easy removal with no sticky mess.

    • Manufactured with the same materials and specifications as police, military and tactical gear.

    • It's made tough enough to last

  • Made in the USA out of 80% recycled materials.