Voices In My Head

Voices in My Head by Billy Ward is the much-anticipated follow-up to his award-winning DVD, Big Time. Billy is one of todays most talked about drummers and clinicians. This DVD and CD give you an inside look at Billy's unique approach to drumming as he breaks down basic jazz technique and shares his recording, composing and collaborating methodology. Filmed in High Definition and complete with dozens of bonus features including half-speed segments, will help you discover your true inner voice. Also included is the bonus CD, The Billy Ward Trio: Out the Door.


If you've seen Billy's Big Time DVD, it's almost the opposite (in approach) to his new Voices In My Head DVD. The focus in this DVD is taking something simple like a few rudiments (i.e. Double Stroke/Long Roll and Paradiddles) then and expanding, exploring and exploiting them to their fullest ... and it's all good.

The DVD is broken up into four main sections:

• Section One: What Is Jazz-ness?
Section Two: Jazzy-ness in Real Life
Section Three: Songs from the Record
Section Four: Students and Extras

Billy answers the title question of section one (What Is Jazz-ness?) by sharing his own he approaches to music and self-expression. He discusses the difference between the styles such as Jazz and Rock, then demonstrates how each instrument or voice of the drumkit plays its role within each genre. Billy does a nice job of outlining some of the key jazz drummers in history and demos signature licks and approaches for each.

In Section Two, Billy discusses his grip and the two main rudiments that comprise much of his playing, regardless of the music genre. He then gets into playing a variety of styles and demonstrates how and where those rudiments can be found/heard in what he's playing.

Section Three, it's all about the twelve tracks from his Out The Door CD, which is also included with this DVD. Billy takes his time going through each track from the CD, explaining his approach to the tune, how he came up with his drum parts, and actually playing sections of the tune with his trio.

The final section of the DVD is full of extra footage and half-speed segments, plus some humorous moments with his three "students", Jason (aka Dave Weckl), Yngwie (aka Thomas Lang) and Chazz (aka Gary Novak) who have been hanging and watching during the entire taping of the DVD.

For those that are unfamiliar with Billy Ward, his personality, teaching or playing style(s), Voices In My Head is a great baptism into the zanny, creative world of this wonderful ambassador for the art of drumming. If you already own Big Time, you won't be disappointed; I wasn't. The DVD/CD combo pack is well worth the price of admission ... and then some.