C.G. Ryche - Echoes of Silence DVD C.G. Ryche has been called “ The New Breed of Percussionists” and “A Modern Day Roger Waters”. C.G. has earned International Notoriety for his ground-breaking performances and dazzling showmanship from national tours in front of millions of fans to some of today’s top drum festivals. C.G. has made special appearances with artists such as, Wayne Newton, Ambrosia, Kevyn Lettau, Medhi, Perla Batalla & The Samba Pimps as well as lending his powerhouse performance and drum choreography to help take Benise from the streets to nationwide exposure. C.G. has also performed as an artist for companies including, The NFL, Disney, John Wayne Cancer Society, Nike, Pixar, & La Opinion. Ryche has also been featured in Modern Drummer, Drum Magazine and several news and media publications.

As an artist, C.G. has combined his signature style of world percussion with moving compositions with many influences ranging from Seal, Peter Gabriel, Enigma & Pink Floyd. PBS called C.G.’s concert DVD Echoes of Silence, “A Must See for the whole Family” and is currently set to air nationwide June 2008 with a national tour late 2008. Ryche’s live performances features his world-class band as well has some of the top percussionists in the world. With the help of director John H. Radulovic, C.G. has taken his live concerts even one step further with the integration of multimedia and short film all shot in HD & 35mm. Never before has world percussion been shot at this caliber of film making. C.G.’s music is receiving national radio play as well as being published for TV and film. Ryche has created a multi-cultural journey through rhythm combining drumming from Cuba, Brazil, Africa, Japan and the United States, with an unprecedented live show that pushes the boundaries of sight, sound and imagination, which has made C.G. Ryche one of today’s hottest and most innovative multi-percussionist and artist. Paiste has been C.G.’s cymbal of choice for over 2 decades.


Echoes of Silence is a cross between a live concert and short film. Collaborating with John H. Radulovic, who has worked on such films as "National Treasure" and "X2", C.G. Ryche brings his percussion and compositional influences to the stage as captured on this DVD.

Throughout the concert, Ryche makes use of a wide variety of instruments from his large percussion set-up which includes Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Taiko drum, Repenique, Pandeiro, Tom Toms, Tam-Tam, Udu and more. A full rhythm section, vocalists and percussion ensemble are also included, creating a lot of movement and energy on stage which is sure to get the average listener on their feet.

My favorite part of the DVD was the Brazilian ensemble which made use of Surdos, Timbals, Tamborims, Pandeiro and Cuica. Everyone on stage is clearly having a good time ... something that one might expect to see in Brazil during Carnival.

Echoes of Silence was recently picked up by PBS; plans to air in June 2008.

For more information about Echoes of Silence and C.G. Ryche visit www.cgryche.com.