Drum Miking Made EasyGetting a great drum sound is one of the toughest jobs for even the best engineers. Session and touring drummer, Carl Albrecht from Nashville, along with Doug Gould of Shure and Mike Overlin of Yamaha carefully explain the tricks of the trade. This top trio of clinicians take the mystery out of drum “soundology”. Besides each being an accomplished player, they also have taken the time to explore and understand the technical side of drum audio.

In this 80-minute video Carl carefully explains drum tuning and sound, while Doug and Mike assist with their expertise in microphone selection and audio mixing tricks. A real gold mine of information for any musician or engineer.


Carl does a nice job of truly making it easy when approaching a mic set-up for the drumkit. Although there is some technical jargon and discussion of miking principles, this is not a heavy, hard to digest type of "how to" DVD.

Miking drums is a subject matter that could take volumes of DVDs to fully cover the topic thoroughly. In the 80-minutes allowed, Carl does a nice of job of covering the basics as well as providing his own personal approach to tuning the drums.

Mic selection and discussion is limited to Shure products, which makes sense when Doug Gould, from the Shure company, and Carl Albrecht, a Shure endorser, are putting this DVD together. Nothing wrong with that, especially since this DVD is about covering the basics and laying a good foundation for the drummer. Let's not forget the fact that the Shure SM57 is still the best-selling "work horse" and "go to" Snare drum mics on the market since it was first introduced back in 1965.

If you are new to miking your drums or have little experience with getting your drumkit mic ready, Drum Miking Made Easy would be a good place to start. Drummers who aspire to enter the studio recording arena, play live with their band, or work with a church worship team, should really benefit with this DVD.

To order, visit Carl's website at www.carlalbrecht.com.