Realistic Rock For Kids DVD

Realistic Rock for Kids is the coolest new drum method written by drum legend Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck). Just like in his classic award-winning drum method Ultimate Realistic Rock, Carmine has made learning to play the drums FUN and EASY! Hosted by Carmine and his star pupil, 12-year-old contest winner Pete Biggiani, this DVD will teach you all you need to know to get started on the drums.

The Basics — Easy note reading, how to hold the drumsticks, the parts of the drumset, and more.

Grooves & Fills — Learn to play drum beats and fills that ROCK!

Drum Solos — This is where the fun really begins. Play your FIRST DRUM SOLO!

Play-Along Songs — Versions both with and without drums for you to work out to.

Bonus — Special features include an interview with Pete Biggiani, his behind-the-scenes adventure, and a rocking drum solo by Pete himself.

Realistic Rock for Kids - DVD Trailer


Realistic Rock for Kids DVD has a run time of 65-minutes, and is designed to make learning to play the drums simple, easy and fun for young kids, specifically those learning to play the drums for the very first time.

Although this is Carmine's DVD, 12-year-old Pete Biggiani does all the teaching and demonstrations. I don't view this as a negative, in fact, many youngsters will probably receive the information better coming from another young person.

I was surprised to find that the book (sold separately) was not included, even as a PDF, with this DVD. There are on-screen graphics showing the viewer the music notation being played at the specific time, but serious students will want to purchase the book, Realistic Rock for Kids - Book/CD, which comes with a supplemental CD.

One of the main strengths of this DVD is the counting out-loud, which is of extreme importance when it comes to learning music and playing a musical instrument.

If your son or daughter has been bugging you for a drumset, or perhaps you just purchased a drum kit for them, I think Realistic Rock for Kids is a good investment to include with that new begginer drum set-up. Recommended for tweens (8 to 12 year olds).