RUSH Replay x 3 DVDRush Replay X 3 is a live DVD box set consisting of three vintage VHS videos of the Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984, Exit... Stage Left, and A Show of Hands concerts filmed in the 1980s. Each concert on this DVD set has been remixed in 5.1 surround sound by Alex Lifeson. The box set also includes a bonus CD of a previously unreleased album of the Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984, and a set of reprinted tour books for each concert. Rush Replay x 3 debuted at #1 on the Billboard Music Video charts, marking the third consecutive time a Rush DVD has topped the music video charts.


RUSH (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart) fans are finally given an opportunity to acquire three of the long out-of-print VHS/Beta concert films ... now digitally mastered on DVD in this box set. Each DVD is an exact reproduction of the original video release, unaltered from the original content with the exception of the audio remastering handled by Alex Lifeson himself. Each disc features three audio options: PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1. The DTS version really brings out the nuances of the music, allowing the listener to clearly sound elements that were once hidden in the original mixes and format.

The video aspects are pretty much the same as the original VHS quality wise. No enhancements or improvements seem to have been made ... suggesting that the old masters of the concert footage are not available. Viewers will notice uneven colors as well as a soft, grainy look to the picture ... even video artifacts caused by the stage lighting. The visual quality of A Show of Hands is by far the best of the three concerts, which is probably due to technology advancements of the day. the best of the bunch, clearly benefiting from advancements in technology in the day. If you are looking visual improvements to the concert footage ... well, you are going to be dissapointed. But, if you are one of those individuals who wish the original release would remain just as it first appeared, then you'll love the vintage visual look of the video.

The set lists on each disc is the same as the original video tape release:

Disc One: Exit…Stage Left (Running Time—59 min.):

• Opening / Limelight
• Tom Sawyer
• The Trees
• Xanadu
• Red Barchetta
• Freewill
• Closer to the Heart
• Medley: By-Tor and The Snow Dog, In the End, In the Mood, 2112 Finale
• YYZ / End Titles

Disc Two: Grace Under Pressure (Running Time—63 min.):

• The Spirit of Radio
• The Enemy Within
• The Weapon
• Witch Hunt
• New World Man
• Distant Early Warning
• Red Sector "A"
• Closer to the Heart
• Medley: YYZ, Temples of Syrinx, Tom Sawyer
• Vital Signs
• Medley: Finding My Way, In the Mood

Disc Three: A Show of Hands (Running Time—90 min.):

• The Big Money
• Marathon
• Turn the Page
• Prime Mover
• Manhattan Project
• Closer to the Heart
• Red Sector "A"
• Force Ten
• Mission
• Territories
• The Rhythm Method—Drum Solo
• The Spirit of Radio
• Tom Sawyer
• 2112
• Medley: Temples of Syrinx, La Villa Strangiato, In the Mood

The fourth disc in the box set is an audio CD of the Grace Under Pressure DVD; the same 11 tracks present on the DVD appear on this CD. Besides this bonus disc, you also get miniature tour book reproductions (which include the new DVD credits and specifications) for each of the three concerts. Rush fans are sure to appreciate this, especially if they missed the original tours and/or never saw the old concert footage.

In summary, if you are a longtime fan of Rush, you are not going to find any new goodies. There's no "easter eggs" or "never seen before" bonus footage here. You are getting the original concert footage preserved in a digital format ... but with state-of-the-art audio enhancement. The good news, even for the diehard fan, is that these out-of-print videos are once again available, and are nicely package for posterity. A marketing tactic for a group that is three decades old? Perhaps. But Rush does have a legacy to pass on, and for those individuals who wish to "remember when" ... this box set is going to be a cherished possession. I recommend RUSH Replay x 3 to every Rush fan ... and any student of the drumming styles of Neil Peart.