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Bermuda Schwartz

The Drummer Cafe recorded the entire one-hour Bermuda Schwartz drum clinic on Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at 1:00pm during The 19th Annual Chicago Drum Show.

During the clinic, Bermuda plays "the money beat", shares how drumming, at its core, is simple, and gives a thorough overview about having a successful career as a musician in the music industry.

Clinic appearance was made possible by Ludwig, Trick, Sabian, Vic Firth, Evans and Rebeats.

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, born in Chicago in 1956, drums came into Jon's family from Wm. Ludwig Jr. as a gift to Jon's older brother in return for some advertising work their father did for the drum company. Jon inher­ited the kit and began taking formal lessons in 1965. By his late teens, Jon already had a good feel for working with other musicians in a variety of situations and musical styles. Jon was beginning to live his dream and make a living playing drums. His main band had a steady 6-night a week gig while he did session work with other groups.

In 1980, Jon was invited by Dr. Demento to be interviewed on his live radio show to talk about the songs he'd submitted years earlier; Jon and his friends were among the first people to have home¬made music played on the Dr.'s show at the time. It was there that Jon met "Weird AI" Yankovic, who happened to be answering request lines that night. Already a staple of the Dr. Demento show. the 20-year-old Yankovic played accordion and had been sending his homemade parody tapes to Demento on a regular basis. That night, he would debut his newest parody, Another One Rides The Bus, live on the air. Al asked Jon if he'd mind pounding out a straight beat... on the accordion case! It worked out so well that Jon suggested forming a band for AI.

Dr. Demento's show was syndicated nationally, and within a few weeks, Bus was being played on 'morning drive' radio for millions of listeners. They began to record more sophisticated tapes for the show and played a few gigs around L.A. In early 1981, Al dubbed Jon "Bermuda."

AI's first album was released in May, 1983. Guitar legend Rick Derringer produced AI's first six albums through 1989's UHF Soundtrack, and Al himself took over the production duties starting with 1992's Off The Deep End. To date, Al and the band have recorded twelve albums (most of them reaching Gold and Platinum status, with a few Grammy A wards thrown in for good measure,) toured extensively, made videos, and appeared on TV.

Jon's career has not been defined only by his association with AI; he has been involved in many other recording projects, website design, and even a middle¬management position at Westwood One Radio Networks.

"I get to be a dozen different drummers on every album ... I don't know of another drummer who has a gig like that. It's always fun and often a welcome challenge. AI's made me play parts I didn't know how to play. I thank him for that."