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Billy Ward (2010)

On January 16, 2010, I had the pleasure to once again hang-out with Billy Ward in the recording studio. Billy was in Nashville for the weekend, recording some tracks for a project with Chris Shinn at Ocean Way Studios - Nashville.

I've got a LOT video footage for you to check out. For a complete list and the order things, have a look just below the video player.

Essentially I'm taking you through the afternoon on one of Billy's sessions. We start with getting the drums tuned and ready, sound check, a rough run-through, first and second takes, and then the third and final take. We're a fly on the wall as discussions get a little intense at time in the control room while listening back. Billy and I step away for a short interview, then come back to catch some percussion and drum overdubs. Also, at various times in the day, Billy stops to give us his equipment inventory ... and a surprise BAG CHECK!

Special thanks to Billy Ward, Chris Shinn (artist/writer/guitarist), and Tim Smith (producer/bassist), plus all the other musicians on the session, and the staff at Ocean Way, for making me feel welcome and allowing me to share this video footage with you here at the Drummer Cafe.


Here's "Bound" shot by a production company, one year later, in 2011, to coincide with the upcoming album release.

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