Chef BartThe Drummer Café™ is an independent, grassroots establishment which is owned, operated and funded by drummer and percussionist, Bart Elliott. As chef de cuisine, Bart handles all of the Drummer Café’s web graphic design, IT coding programming, as well as creating/editing all of the original content that appears on the site, including audio, video, photos and image artwork; he's editor, publisher, writer, photographer, videographer, and creative director. Not associated or directly affiliated with any other company or manufacturer, the Drummer Café™ relies solely on the generous support and donations of its patrons, sponsors and readers, as well as revenue generated from advertisers and fee-based services.

The main course on the Drummer Cafe menu is the Premium Resources — an "all-you-can-eat" subscription based feature with 24/7 access to unique drum/percussion video lessons including supplemental audio and PDF downloads, play-along tracks, drum charts and transcriptions, featured articles and exclusive video/audio recordings. The bulk of this "top-shelf" inventory is created and/or provided by Bart Elliott, although more recently the Drummer Cafe™ has included lesson and article contributions from several of its professional members (aka chef de partie). And if that wasn't enough, each subscription comes with a lifetime VIP Membership to the drum and percussion industry's longest-running online community, the Drummer Cafe Community Forum. The VIP status, which never expires, gives the member full-access to Drummer Cafe forum, and an open door to obtaining direct advice and counsel from Drummer Cafe pro experts.

Menu items served at the Drummer Cafe™, in addition to its premier entrées such as Drummer Cafe TV, The PRess Roll, and Community Forum, includes drum news, product reviews, educational articles and lessons, percussion glossary, event calendar, an industry directory and more!