Lee Kelley

Lee Kelley, a Carolina native, moved to Nashville in 1997. Since then, he has consistently worked with national touring acts, including such artists as Gary Allan, Ricky Van Shelton, Mark Chesnutt and Shannon Lawson. Lee's travels have taken him to 49 of the 50 states and various parts of the world including tours of Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia. Along the way, Lee has appeared on such shows as Prime Time Country, Donny and Marie and numerous appearances on the Grand Ole Opry.

Currently, Lee Kelley is driving the groove around the globe for Curb Recording Artist, Heidi Newfield. "Heidi's show is very energetic to say the least. She drives us to leave it all on the stage every night, so to speak. If you can't have fun at one of our shows, you might want to check your pulse," says Kelley. If you see Lee on the road, make sure to say 'HI' as he is always up for talking shop. "If you haven't before, come out and catch a Heidi show or go see any country show for that matter. You might be surprised. Country music should not be looked at as lame music for drummers to check out," chides Kelley. "Country is a definitive musical art form in itself, especially the early 50s and 60s style. It is all about keeping it simple. Coming from a rock/jazz background with influences like Jeff Porcaro, Jim Brock, Neil Peart, Simon Phillips and Richie Hayward, I had to learn country music and how to respect it. That respect makes it easier to play for the song which is what country music is all about. On the other hand, if you go out to country shows lately, you will see a lot of guys playing country with as much edge and power as rock and jazz players. Many may even astound you."

When not carpetbagging too far away from Music City, you can find Lee doing sessions in Nashville, working regionally or in several of the honky tonks on Nashville's Lower Broadway strip or in Printer's Alley with up and coming singers. No matter who he is playing behind, Lee always brings solid grooving support for the singer, the band and, most importantly, the song.

Lee Kelley playing drums on the Boz Scaggs' hit, "Jump Street" for the Nashville Drummers Jam 3 - Trubute to Jeff Porcaro.
Video recorded by BAE Productions at the Douglas Corner Cafe on September 9, 2013.