Daniel wants to be a drummer, but he doesn’t have any drums. Little readers can help him find items around the house to build his drum set. After Daniel finds the musicality in everyday objects he discovers at home, children will have fun creating their very own drum set. A fun reminder that the joy of making music can be found anywhere.


I Want to Be a Drummer!, written by Mark Powres and illustrated by Maria Montag, is a board book for young children. The story is about a little boy named Daniel who doesn't have a drum set, but that doesn't stop him from being a drummer! Readers will join Daniel as he searches his house for items that he can use to build his own drum set, and in the process learn more about the shapes and sounds of different types of drums.

I Want to Be a Drummer! is a positive, well written and illustrated book for children who show an interest in music and instruments at an early age. The colors and shapes found in the book are engaging and the use of onomatopoeia — the formation of a word that imitates, resembles or suggests the source of the sound that it describes — as Daniel discovers the sounds various objects make when he strikes them. The beauty of I Want to Be a Drummer! is that it reminds readers of all ages that the joy of making music can be found anywhere... you just have to look around you and experiment. I highly recommend this storytime book for your young one.

About the Author and Illustrator

Mark Powers visits schools across the country, facilitating a variety of drum, world music and alternative percussion workshops. He teaches students how to use “found sounds” to create music from common everyday items. He resides in Portland, Oregon.

Maria Montag is an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.